September 2022

Reversible closing or permanent sealing

At the K trade fair, Schümann is presenting its full range of bag closing tapes

At the K trade fair in Düsseldorf, German packaging specialist Schümann will be providing an overview of its full range of reversible and permanent bag closing tapes. These bag closing tapes (BCT) allow for the secure and rapid closure and sealing of synthetic pouches made from PP, OPP, PE and HDPE. Depending on the design, they also support the efficiency and ergonomics of the manual packaging processes.

Stadtallendorf, August 2022. – In many industries, double-sided adhesive tapes are indispensable packaging materials for the closing and sealing of pouches and mailing bags made from plastic films. However, the quality requirements concerning these bag closing tapes (BCT) differ according to the contents and shipping method. To be able to fulfil as many customer requirements as possible, the German packaging tape specialist Schümann is offering a wide range of these bag closing tapes. The company will be providing a complete overview of its varied range of BCT at this year’s K trade fair (19–26/10/22), where it will be exhibiting in stand E42 in hall 8b. Visitors to the fair will be able to learn about the various permanent and reversible adhesive tapes at first hand.

What all the BCT from Schümann have in common is that they are all suitable for closing standard synthetic pouches made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), as well as hard polyethylene (HDPE) and oriented polypropylene (OPP). The question of whether the choice then falls on a tape from the group of reversible closing tapes or a version from the range of permanently adhesive BCTs mainly depends on the type of packaged goods, the requirements concerning protection against tampering and unauthorised opening, and the usability of the packaging. If, for example, the synthetic pouch is designed to allow the repeated removal of partial contents, the use of a reversible tape is recommended that enables the pouch to be resealed again several times. If, on the other hand, a tamper-proof closure is required, which – similar to a seal – can only be opened once and identifiably damages the synthetic pouch, permanent adhesive tapes are the better choice.

Fully automatic application

The bag closing tapes from Schümann have high-quality adhesive coatings and are suitable for fully automated application in the processing systems of the pouch manufacturers. They are supplied in the form of ready-to-use, cross-wound reels that can be inserted directly in the machines and which are designed for high production speeds. The BCT from Schümann can be thermally cut with welding bars and heat cutters or mechanically punched.

In manual packaging lines, Schümann’s bag closing tapes prove to be an extremely user-friendly solution. This is because both the reversible and the permanently adhesive BCT are characterised by product attributes that support the problem-free handling of the synthetic pouches during the insertion of the goods, and enable them to be sealed securely and without errors.

Multiple access possible

The reversible and double-sided bag closing tapes from Schümann are ideal for pouch packages with small-component contents which need to be accessed several times (construction kits, simple manufactured products), or products whose protective storage helps retain their value (samples, textiles). Depending on the version, the closure tapes also have liners with easy-peel coating with a normal antistatic effect or a very high antistatic effect. The antistatic properties of the tapes prevent detached liners from interfering with the manual packaging operations by getting stuck to fingers or clothing. They are also ideal for the packaging of sensitive electrical or electronic components.

High protection against tampering and unauthorised opening

For applications in which protection against tampering and unauthorised opening as well as resistance take centre stage, Schümann offers permanently adhesive BCT. These are considered the optimum closing solution for synthetic pouches with valuable and sensitive contents which require protection against tampering and unauthorised opening. Once they have been closed with a tape of this kind, the non-destructive opening of the bags is impossible. Because of these seal-like properties, the permanently adhesive BCTs are great for the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and hygiene products, foodstuffs as well as bank and insurance documents. For advanced antistatic requirements, Schümann recommends a permanently adhesive BCT with high-quality, antistatic Zero Static Liner.

The best basis for choosing the best BCT is a precise analysis of the current situation and the clearest possible definition of the objectives. With its know-how in the field of packaging and closure technology that it has acquired over many decades, Schümann supports both manufacturers and logistics service providers as a professional partner and expert in the industry.

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