August 2022
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Closures for cardboard packaging with a usability benefit

At the Fachpack 2022, Schümann will be presenting gummed tapes with integrated easy opening

As part of the supply chain optimisation, increasing numbers of manufacturers and retailers are deciding to use the gummed tape from Schümann. After all, very few packaging tapes offer as much potential for improving the protection against tampering and unauthorized opening, sustainability and branding as this tape does, which is made from paper and potato starch. In hall 9 at this year’s Fachpack trade fair (27th-29th September, 2022), the company will be presenting its full range of gummed tapes. The focus will be on the end-user-friendly variants with the integrated easy-opening function.

Stadtallendorf, July 2022. – Whether unreinforced or with a reinforcing inlay: the gummed tapes from Schümann are currently a highly sought-after solution for the tamper-proof, dust-tight and environmentally-friendly closure of cardboard packaging made from corrugated or solid cardboard. They are now available in several different versions, and support the realisation of sustainable supply chains in both the conventional wholesale and retail industries as well as in e-commerce. With its wide-ranging presentation at its stand at the Fachpack trade fair this year (hall 9, stand 358), Schümann will be presenting all the product-types that are currently available for delivery from its present range of gummed tapes. The specialist for packaging tape will be putting the spotlight on the unreinforced variants which allow for the quick, manual opening of the cardboard packaging thanks to their easy-opening function. The key element of this function is a white easy opening strip which is integrated into the gummed tape at the factory in the form of a gentle wave shape, and which allows the recipient to tear the tape without needing any tools. The easy opening means that the recipient needs neither a cutter, nor scissors, nor much muscle power. Optionally printed orientation arrows also show them the best direction in which to tear and/or pull on the strip. Cardboard packaging which is closed with a gummed tape with easy opening from Schümann can be opened without any risk of injury and unpacked within seconds. This closing solution therefore improves the usability and processing efficiency for both the intermediate retailer and the end customer. The wave-shaped integration of the easy opening strip ensures that the packaging is easy to open, even if the closing tapes aren’t positioned precisely in the centre.

Easy application guaranteed

The easy opening strip is integrated as a functional component during the production of the gummed tape at the Schümann plant in Stadtallendorf. This means that no additional processing step is necessary for the subsequent application of the closing tape onto the cardboard packaging. Reels of gummed tape with the easy-opening function are just as straightforward to apply as all of the tapes from Schümann. For small and medium package quantities, they are mostly applied with the use of manual dispensers or semi-automatic dispensing systems, which are also part of the Schümann range. In large-volume logistics, the gummed tapes are clamped in fully automated throughput systems and applied by machine.

The gummed tapes with easy opening are unreinforced and suitable for closing cardboard boxes with unit weights of up to 12 kg. The size of the parcels and packages is only of secondary importance. The length of the closing tapes from the reels can always be cut to size with precision, so that both very small and very large packages can be closed with the use of the tapes. The gummed tapes with easy opening are available in white or brown kraft paper as standard, but can also be printed in colour at the request of the customer – with text, graphics, logos or logistics codes for the tracking of shipments.

Tampering or unauthorized opening is easy to identify

The adhesive effect of all the gummed tapes from Schümann is based on an initially dry coating of potato starch glue which is applied on the underside. Immediately before application, the adhesive is activated in the reel, dispenser or machine by wetting it with a little water. After a little pressure, the adhesive layer bonds with the surface of the cardboard packaging. After this, it is not possible to remove the gummed tape without damaging the packaging. Any attempt to remove it will leave clearly visible traces. Cardboard packaging which has been broken open is therefore easy to identify and can be removed from the supply chain. The gummed tape from Schümann therefore offers a high degree of protection against tampering and unauthorized opening. In contrast to synthetic tapes, the gummed tapes cannot be out-witted with the use of heat either. Along with makers and distributors of natural products and foodstuffs, manufacturers of medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene products particularly appreciate this seal-like property of the gummed tapes. It is also of benefit for the shipping of valuable components or documents. ms

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Author: Michael Stöcker, freelance specialist journalist, Darmstadt


Schümann at the Fachpack 2022

In addition to its reels of gummed tape for the closure of cardboard packaging, at this year’s Fachpack trade fair in Nuremberg, Schümann will be presenting its full range of closure materials for synthetic sacks, bags and pouches. At stand 358 in hall 9, visitors will be able to see numerous versions of hotmelt closures for bags, as well as reversible and permanent adhesive tapes for plastic bags – which are known as bag closing tapes.

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