May 2024

"Deep into all areas of mechanical engineering"

RINGSPANN's one-stop shop offers a constantly growing selection of brake systems

With its current range of industrial brakes, RINGSPANN now covers all areas of application in modern mechanical and plant engineering. In particular, disc brakes of the DH, DU and DV series have established themselves as permanent fixtures here. Thanks to the company's one-stop shop philosophy, they are quickly available, can be configured for specific applications and combined with other components to create ready-to-install smart solutions. In traditional mechanical engineering, these brake callipers currently perform many different tasks.

March 2024

Manoeuvring in sustainable combination operation

Freewheel technology from RINGSPANN simplifies the implementation of hybrid ship propulsion systems

Modern ships and yachts today have hybrid propulsion systems in which diesel or methanol generators and electric motors share the work. A key design function for the efficient interaction of the two units is performed by the complete and cage freewheels from the RINGSPANN portfolio. Read here which series are currently in particularly high demand in marine technology and how they enable flexible and environmentally friendly manoeuvring at sea and in port.

March 2024

Extremely fast and without damaging flank changes

RINGSPANN presents an innovative braking and emergency stop solution for heavy-duty cranes

The provision of state-of-the-art braking and emergency stop systems for the drive units of industrial and harbour cranes has been part of RINGSPANN's range of services for many years. Now, however, the company's brake technology specialists are presenting two innovations that offer crane builders and hoist designers completely new perspectives. These are new developments that are readily available and are also suitable for easy retrofitting of existing electrohydraulic disc and drum brakes. As a duo, they pave the way for the realisation of highly dynamic, safe and low-maintenance heavy-duty hoists.

January 2024

Innovation for the first and second clamping step

New precision clamping fixture from RINGSPANN simplifies turning and milling processes

More flexibility in machining production and significantly reduced setup times – these are the premises under which RINGSPANN presents the new HSFS 110 clamping sleeve chuck. This innovative precision clamping system offers numerous advantages, especially for users of turning/milling machines with main and counter spindles and machine tools with bar loaders. Since it does not require pull-back action, it is equally suitable for machining bar stock and material sections in the first or workpieces from the second clamping step.

November 2023

In case of direct contact in stainless steel

Shaft-hub connections from RINGSPANN prove themselves in the food industry

RINGSPANN is currently equipping plant manufacturers in the Food & Packaging market segment with high-quality shaft-hub connections on an increasing scale. Designers in the industry can choose between the standard series of the RLK family or stainless steel shrink discs and nickel-plated clamping sets or even OEM-specific special solutions. Typical applications for these machine elements include the drive trains of agitators, conveying and mixing systems as well as filling and packaging systems.

October 2023

Configured online and delivered quickly

RINGSPANN presents a new modular system for standard disc couplings

The current one-stop-shop from RINGSPANN offers a large selection of rigid, torsionally rigid and torsionally flexible shaft couplings. Constant demand from industrial drive technology in particular is enjoyed by the group of disc couplings. In order to be able to meet the needs of product developers and designers at even shorter notice, the company has now developed a practical modular system that greatly simplifies the configuration of standard disc couplings and significantly shortens delivery times. It even allows the customer to configure online on their own.

September 2023

Offset compensation in all directions

RINGSPANN is extending its portfolio with several types of compact helix couplings

In a few days, RINGSPANN will be launching several designs of helix couplings made of steel and aluminium. With these, the company can offer designers of drive technology an additional compact and wear-free solution for backlash-free and angular synchronous connection of and on pinion and drive shafts. The huge advantage here is that, in contrast to other coupling types, helix couplings can offset both angular and oblique misalignment as well as radial and axial displacements of shafts – simultaneously and, depending on the type, even in three-dimensions!

September 2023

The bidirectional brother of the Bowden cable

Push/pull cables from RINGSPANN RCS prove their worth as currentless remote controls

Push/pull cables from RINGSPANN RCS belong to the group of mechanical remote control systems and are used worldwide in almost all industries. Unlike traditional Bowden cables, they are bidirectional and can transmit both pulling and pushing forces and movements. These currentless remote actuators prove their worth in particular in safety-relevant applications that require a high level of functional reliability when triggering, locking, setting and operating.

September 2023

“A maximum of performance and transparency”

RINGSPANN supplies complete braking and emergency stop systems for mining technology

Tailored to the special challenges of the mining industry, RINGSPANN implements modern system solutions for braking and emergency stop scenarios. They are used in belt conveyor systems, bucket wheel excavators and bucket elevators and can be designed for specific applications. The basis for this is provided by the manufacturer's one-stop shop, which, in addition to various drum and disc brakes, also includes regulation, control and monitoring systems. This offers numerous starting points for process optimization to designers and operators of installations.

August 2023

Slow runners in demand worldwide

FRHN backstops from RINGSPANN score points as a cost-effective quality solution

Backstops in machines and systems prevent uncontrolled and dangerous reverse rotation of drive shafts against the direction of operation. Low-speed backstops in the FRHN series from RINGSPANN are specially designed for use in inclined conveyor belt systems, bucket elevators or pumps. They have proven themselves worldwide as a standard solution that is as high in quality as it is cost-effective. Read here why these freewheels can be relied on even under adverse conditions.

July 2023

Guarantors of loss-free power transmission

RTM clamping systems from RINGSPANN simplify the installation of torque motors

RINGSPANN offers a wide range of shaft-hub connections of various designs for frictional power transmission in the drive trains of machines and systems. The clamping systems in the RTM family play a special role here. This is because they are specially designed for the safe and precise assembly of torque motors on solid and hollow shafts. Their particular strengths include backlash-free and torsionally stiff torque transmission, excellent concentricity characteristics and a design that takes account of the specifications of leading engine manufacturers.

June 2023

"That element of added value in competition"

Parts supplier RINGSPANN is pushing ahead with its transformation into a sustainable company

RINGSPANN is systematically pursuing the goal of reducing its ecological footprint and developing into a company that operates sustainably. In the course of this transformation, the manufacturer of drive components, clamps and push/pull cables is currently implementing a large number of technical and organizational measures. Embedded in a certified environmental management system, these measures cover all areas of operation and are designed as a continuous improvement process. As a result, they develop efficiency that, in addition to optimizing internal processes, also generates innovation impulses for product development.

May 2023

Higher torque thanks to wide-gauge design

RINGSPANN presents new cage freewheel for high-performance e-bike drives at Eurobike

The freewheel specialists at RINGSPANN have developed a new cage freewheel for use in e-bike drives. Especially when the radial installation space is tight, it offers bicycle designers another opportunity to implement compact solutions with higher torques in the gears and bottom brackets. Like all e-bike freewheels from the German manufacturer, this new one can also be designed and adapted to customer requirements in many ways. It will be presented to the trade audience at this year's Eurobike (21-25.6.2023) in Frankfurt.

March 2023

Optimising conveying processes via brake control

RINGSPANN is implementing system solutions for easy synchronisation of conveyor systems

As a one-stop shop supplier for high-quality components in industrial drive technology, RINGSPANN is also implementing user-friendly system solutions for the controlled braking of heavy-duty conveyor systems. The technological core here is the innovative HCO-2R hydraulic power unit, which offers manufacturers and operators numerous possibilities for process optimisation. It can be combined with the company's hydraulic brakes and adjusted without the need for any programming on the part of the customer.

January 2023

“We have no problems with million series”

RINGSPANN scores as a premium manufacturer of compact freewheels for e-bike drives

RINGSPANN is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the freewheel technology market. So that designers of e-bike drives can also pull out all the stops when implementing innovative gear and bottom bracket concepts, the company now offers several types of cage freewheels. They impress with performance-oriented additional functions and make it easier for the e-drive engineers to implement space-optimized drive solutions. The pioneering freewheel design from RINGSPANN can even reduce the effort involved in assembly.

December 2022

Agility and efficiency in a modern form

New industrial brake series from RINGSPANN sets standards in design and number of switching operations

The electromagnetic disc brakes of the RINGSPANN series EV/ EH are regarded worldwide as a proven standard solution for the implementation of restraining and emergency stop systems in mechanical and plant engineering. Now, however, the company is presenting a new generation of electric brakes that set standards in terms of switching performance, energy efficiency and design. They bear the series designation MV, have an innovative locking mechanism and apply clamping forces of up to 25,000 N to the disc.

November 2022

Strong precision solutions for heavy-duty drives

True Centering clamping sets from RINGSPANN score with extreme centering accuracy

Cone clamping elements and shrink disks from RINGSPANN belong to the top group of friction-type shaft-hub connections. Worldwide, they ensure safe and loss-free power transmission in the drive trains of conveyor systems, construction machinery, pumps, turbines and generators. The True Centering clamping sets and shrink disks of the RLK family are particularly suitable for use in earthmoving and bulk material installations in the coal and steel and mining industries. Read here to discover what distinguishes these machine elements.

October 2022

More universally applicable and quicker to set up

RINGSPANN is optimising the deployment of its clamping fixtures for vertical balancing technology

The flange mandrels from RINGSPANN’s BKDF series and their FUSR-type force-generating spring force actuators rank among the standard clamping systems for balancing rotationally symmetrical components in automotive, pump and gearbox construction. With the aim of significantly reducing the set-up costs and increasing the flexibility of users, the company has now revised the design of these internal clamping fixtures and optimised them for use on many different balancing machines. This is tantamount to simplifying the process and reducing investment costs.

October 2022

Knowing what's going on inside

RINGSPANN presents new condition monitoring system for backstops

From now on, RINGSPANN is also offering a software- and sensor-supported condition monitoring system with WWW connection for its low speed backstops. It enables comprehensive real-time control of all function-relevant events inside the freewheels. In particular, this gives operators and maintainers of bulk material plants the opportunity to proactively monitor important performance parameters of the backstops in the drive systems of their conveyor systems. This increases operational reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

September 2022

Storm-proof stand for heavy equipment

Rail brakes from RINGSPANN give cranes and excavators high stability

Rail clamps and rail brakes are among the heavy-duty solutions in the extensive range of industrial brakes in Ringspann's one-stop shop. As safety components in the drive systems of cranes and excavators in coal and steel, harbour and mining engineering, they combine a compact design with very high holding forces. Read here why the company's hydraulic and electric storm brakes are also considered extremely maintenance-friendly and are particularly suitable for retrofit projects.

September 2022

New materials for more shaft safety

RINGSPANN now supplies REK jaw couplings with high-temperature spiders

RINGSPANN is driving forward the expansion of its portfolio of functional machine elements for industrial drive technology with a large number of small and large innovations. The internationally active one-stop supplier is becoming particularly dynamic in the field of shaft couplings. While it has recently made a name for itself here with a new type of hinge joint coupling, the company is now presenting new spiders made of more temperature-resistant materials for the torsionally flexible jaw couplings of its REK...DCO series and its Smart Solution REK...DCS. This gives designers the opportunity to make compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment in drive shafts even safer.

August 2022

“Mass production in millions is no problem for us”

RINGSPANN is establishing itself as a premium manufacturer of cage freewheels for e-bike drives

RINGSPANN is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of freewheel technology. In order to give designers of e-bike drives maximum scope for the realization of innovative bottom bracket and transmission solutions, the company now offers four different types of cage freewheels. They are characterized by performance-oriented additional functions and enable e-drive developers to implement space-optimized and compact drive concepts. Read here why the forward-looking freewheel design from RINGSPANN even reduces the work in module assembly.

July 2022

Focus on mining in South America

RINGSPANN gives the green light for its new subsidiary on the Pacific coast

The RINGSPANN Group is continuing its internationalization course with the establishment of its now 17th foreign subsidiary in the Chilean port of Iquique. The range of services offered by the new company RINGSPANN Sudamérica SpA covers all of the company’s product groups, but focuses primarily on drive components for heavy-duty applications.Shortly after the start of business activities, the first major orders from the mining industry have already been received.

May 2022

Maximum offset compensation thanks to hinged joint

New shaft coupling type from RINGSPANN increases flexibility in the powertrain

With great commitment, one-stop supplier RINGSPANN is expanding its range of functional system components for industrial drive technology. In the field of shaft couplings, the internationally active one-stop supplier has recently attracted attention with further standard elements and ready-to-install smart solutions. Now the company has announced the development of a novel hinged joint coupling, whose innovative design compensates for extreme radial, axial and angular displacements. This offers maximum flexibility and high safety in "unsteady" powertrains.

April 2022

Greater availability thanks to lockout tagout

RINGSPANN now also supplies housing freewheels with OSHA-compliant maintenance function

Worldwide, the housing freewheels of the FH series from RINGSPANN are regarded as a premium solution for the realization of overrunning functions in powertrains with several motors or turbines. In power plants, refineries as well as conveyor and process engineering plants, they ensure their availability in the event of a failure of the energy supply or a drive and allow energy-efficient partial load operation. In order to further reduce the maintenance costs of the plant operators, the company has now supplemented the series with the FHD type. The special feature: it has a lockout tagout security function according to the international OSHA guidelines.

March 2022

Shrink discs on steep growth course

RINGSPANN reports record demand in OEM business with shaft-hub connections

The companies in the RINGSPANN Group have achieved a new record in incoming orders in the shaft-hub connections product division in 2021. As the management of the Group has now announced, incoming orders are about 50 percent above the figures for previous years. The increasing international demand for RINGSPANN shrink discs from well-known gearbox and plant manufacturers proved to be of particular importance for this growth. In order to further consolidate its successful course on the global market for shaft-hub connections, the Group is currently investing heavily in the production capacities of its production sites in South Africa, China and Europe.

February 2022

Pre-assembled and set to the correct torque

Best Practice Story: RINGSPANN supplies complete system units consisting of friction torque limiters and belt pulleys

In Lindner Recyclingtech's stationary waste shredders highly efficient belt and direct drives ensure the powerful rotation of cutting shafts and blade strips. To prevent sudden overloads from getting through to the drive elements, the designers of the Austrian plant manufacturer have been relying on the friction torque limiters in RINGSGPANN’s RSHD series for many years now. Recently, the two companies have intensified their cooperation to such an extent that ready-to-install system units consisting of a friction torque limiter and a V-belt pulley are increasingly being used in the shredder assembly – pre-assembled and already set to the correct torque.Read here about the advantages that result from this in practice.

December 2021

Complete packages for industrial drivetrains

RINGSPANN supplies ready-to-install smart solutions consisting of brakes and couplings

With numerous product innovations, RINGSPANN is fuelling the expansion of its international presence as a one-stop supplier for system components in industrial drive technology. The realisation of ready-to-install and multifunctional smart solutions is becoming increasingly important. A current example of this are complete solutions consisting of shaft couplings and brake discs, which the company can design specifically for customers and projects on the basis of its large product range. They are available for drive torques ranging from 180 Nm to 112,000 Nm and are deliverable at short notice.

November 2021

Safe clamping and easy assembly

Two-part shrink discs from RINGSPANN convince thanks to distance-controlled assembly

RINGSPANN's steel shrink discs are regarded as the premium solution for frictional and backlash-free fastening of hollow shafts and hubs on shafts. In particular, the two-part versions of the RLK 608, RLK 608E and RLK 606 series are very popular in many areas of industrial drive technology. A key reason for this is the safe and simple assembly of these external clamping elements, which does not even require the use of a torque wrench. This benefits mechanical and plant manufacturers and maintenance technicians alike.

September 2021

A hidden champion of gearing technology

RINGSPANN’s expanding sleeve mandrel is increasing flexibility in fine machining

For all manufacturers of gear cutting machines and users in the field of fine machining who have particularly high demands on the precision and flexibility of their clamping fixtures, RINGSPANN has a real hidden champion in its range: the mechanical expanding sleeve mandrel HDDS. As an alternative to hydraulic expanding fixtures, it convinces with a comparably high concentricity of ≤ 5 µm with a surprisingly great expansion. While the first manufacturers are testing the patented HDDS as a potential standard component in their gear cutting machines, RINGSPANN is also positioning it as a component for simplified entry into automated production.

August 2021

Designing multiple drives to be more service-friendly

RINGSPANN is expanding its FXR freewheel series with a new variant with reverse rotation function

The main field of application for the integrated freewheels of the FXR family from RINGSPANN are the multiple drives of conveying, separating and crushing systems in bulk materials and mining technology. In order to give designers in these industries even more scope for the realisation of safe and maintenance-friendly drive solutions in the future, the German freewheel specialist has now expanded this globally proven series with an innovative variant called FXRB. In addition to a torque limiter and a controllable release device, it excels with a new reverse running function. This considerably reduces the costs required for maintenance and clearance work.

July 2021

"New opportunities through technological change"

The German RINGSPANN Group is pushing ahead with the internationalisation of its supply business

A few days ago, RINGSPANN broke ground on another production hall with an office wing at its headquarters in Bad Homburg. Once again, the corporate group is strengthening its position as an international one-stop supplier for clutches, couplings and brakes as systematic components of power transmission. For Managing Director Fabian Maurer, however, this new building is just one of a number of measures designed to help achieve ambitious growth targets, especially for the freewheels, brakes, shaft-hub connections and shaft couplings product divisions. In this interview, the company boss discusses which core competencies and business areas the company will be focusing on in order to be even more agile in key industries and future markets.

June 2021

New perspectives thanks to an optimised e-brake series

RINGSPANN is expanding the areas of application of its electromagnetic disc brakes

The one-stop supplier RINGSPANN has added several functions and features to the range of its EV/EH series electromagnetic disc brakes. These compact solutions for safely stopping, controlling and holding rotating axes and shafts are thus advancing into many areas of application that were previously thought to be the domains of pneumatic and hydraulic brake calipers. In particular, the innovations of the EV/EH brake series offer designers of drive systems for machine tools, assembly plants, amusement rides and even offshore facilities further options to increase performance and optimise use.

May 2021

Customer-specific expanded range of services

RINGSPANN supplies complete system units consisting of friction torque limiters and belt pulleys

Highly efficient belt and direct drives ensure the powerful rotation of cutting shafts and blade strips in Lindner Recyclingtech's stationary waste shredders. To prevent sudden overloads from getting through to the drive elements, the designers of the Austrian plant manufacturer have been relying on the friction torque limiters in RINGSGPANN’s RSHD series for many years now. Recently, the two companies have intensified their cooperation to such an extent that ready-to-install system units consisting of a friction torque limiter and a V-belt pulley are increasingly being used in the shredder assembly – pre-assembled and already set to the correct torque.

April 2021

Innovative clamping systems for gearing technology

RINGSPANN presents special skiving clamping fixtures with optimised chip removal

Precision clamping fixtures for the complete machining of thin-walled lightweight components and high-precision internal clamping systems for use in gearing technology – just one reason as to how RINGSPANN has recently consolidated its position as an OEM supplier for machine tool manufacturers. Now the Germany company is surprising the industry with another innovation: high-performance diaphragm and taper sleeve clamping systems that are specially tailored to the requirements of the currently very popular power skiving process for the production of high-precision external and internal gears.

April 2021

More and more standard solutions available online

RINGSPANN is expanding the current shaft coupling portfolio in its online shop

RINGSPANN is single-mindedly driving forward with its product offensive in the field of shaft couplings. It is a key pillar of the company’s international one-stop-shop strategy and also fuels the expansion of the range of standard couplings available at short notice that can be ordered via the online shop. Designers and procurers can now find a considerable range of rigid, torsionally rigid and elastic shaft couplings for the realisation of high-performance drive trains.

January 2021

Safe connections for dynamic forces

RINGSPANN supplies machine tool manufacturers with powerful drive components

As a premium manufacturer of components for industrial drive technology, RINGSPANN also has a wide range of innovative design elements to offer the international machine tool industry. For example, the company supplies well-known manufacturers in the industry with high-quality shaft-hub-connections and overload couplings as well as clamping systems for the installation of high-torque torque motors and compact electric brakes. Find out which components from the company's portfolio are now becoming standard equipment for many machine tool manufacturers.

December 2020

Greater loading clearance and longer operating life

RINGSPANN presents new 15° clamping discs with higher true running accuracies

Expanding the technical potential of the RINGSPANN clamping disc has always gotten RINGSPANN’s innovative juices flowing. Based on the functional principle of this flat tapered spring steel ring, the company regularly presents new clamping technology solutions that further advance the machining of cylindrical gear components for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, as well as for aerospace and fluid technology. And it’s time again: For the first time the company presents new 15° clamping discs for its flange chucks and flange mandrels in the clamping disc design. What makes them so special are their excellent true running accuracies of just 10 microns!

December 2020

Mechanical solution for safe operations

RINGSPANN RCS realises control cables for blood flow regulation in surgery

Venous flow clamps are a traditional and proven solution for accurate and safe blood flow regulation during surgical procedures. They allow easy adjustment of the blood flow rate with the aid of a handy rotary actuator, which is operated via a flexible and extremely smooth-running power transmission cable. The German firm RINGSPANN RCS is one of the leading manufacturers of these types of custom-made pull and push-pull cables for use in medical technology.    

October 2020

Sometimes it has to be something more

RINGSPANN also produces shaft-hub-connections with increased corrosion protection

RINGSPANN offers stainless steel and nickel-coated shaft-hub-connections especially for use in drive trains with increased corrosion protection requirements. Typical applications include gears and pumps in machines and plants in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging and bottling industries. Find out which shrink discs and clamping elements from the company's portfolio are the first choice here - and what customisation options RINGSPANN offers in terms of corrosion protection.
September 2020

The kinematic darling of designers

FB/FBF series freewheels from RINGSPANN convince as universal problem solvers

The ready-to-install complete freewheels from RINGSPANN’s premium FB and FBF series are true universalists and cover a wide range of applications. They can be used in drive trains in machinery and plant construction as backstops and for overrunning and indexing functions. Since they are also available for a very large torque range and in four different sprag variants, they convince as extremely versatile drive elements. They can be ordered directly from RINGSPANN’s online shop in versions with or without mounting flange.

August 2020

Lightweight solution for thin-walled die-cast parts

RINGSPANN clamping fixtures enable precision machining across several process stages

Whenever rotationally symmetrical die-cast components with thin walls have to be machined in the production of modern automotive transmissions, the demands on the clamping technology increase considerably. This is because the clamping systems used for this purpose must exhibit a high degree of concentricity, must not deform the workpiece under any circumstances and should ensure optimum chip removal. RINGSPANN has therefore developed a clamping trio specifically for external and internal machining as well as for the balancing and crack detection of sensitive aluminium gear pots, which has quickly established itself as a semi-standard in large series production.

July 2020

Advancing into extreme performance ranges

RINGSPANN is expanding the brake caliper range for its industrial disc brakes

RINGSPANN is driving forward the expansion of its industrial brake portfolio with a great deal of creativity and a laser focus on the requirements of its customers in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. One of the most recent measures in this context is the addition of three particularly large brake calipers for the realisation of high-performance disc brakes in emergency stop and extreme applications. Among others, this stands to benefit manufacturers of drive systems for heavy-duty and mining technology, as well as power plant construction and offshore technology.

April 2020

“Many new possibilities for quality assurance”

RINGSPANN RCS is commissioning an innovative duplex test bench for push-pull cables

With the commissioning of a new test bench just a few days ago, RINGSPANN RCS has considerably expanded the possibilities for further development and quality assurance of its push-pull cable systems. The facility is equipped with a digital control system, two synchronously operating hydraulic cylinders and a mobile terminal. It offers numerous options for different test scenarios and comprehensive evaluations. The German remote control specialist is thus gaining a considerable competitive advantage internationally.

March 2020

The functional link in hybrid drives

RINGSPANN freewheels regulate the dynamic interaction between the motors

When manufacturers of mobile cranes, construction machinery or heavy transporters develop their engines, RINGSPANN’s freewheels are often involved. These special vehicles are often driven by powerful hybrid systems consisting of diesel and electric motors. The overrunning clutches from the FKh series, for example, are responsible for the division of labour between the two. The reason for this is that without complex control technology, this hydrodynamic clutch solution allows both high differences in speed between the engines to be achieved and different engines of the same drive train to be alternately engaged and disengaged.

February 2020

The classic is now online

RINGSPANN freewheels of the FXM series have been setting the global standard for almost 50 years

RINGSPANN’s FXM-series integrated freewheels have long since become a staple of drive trains in international machine and plant construction. Equipped with the now legendary sprag lift-off type X, they impress with maximum torques of up to 1,230,000 Nm, low lift-off speeds and wear-free continuous operation. The entire FXM series currently comprises more than 40 standard sizes and can now be ordered directly in the company’s online shop. In addition, the price structure has been optimised, which is of particular benefit to small series customers. The freewheel classic is currently arousing the interest of numerous e-mobility manufacturers and is part of the RINGSPANN product range at this year’s Hannover Messe.

February 2020

Also API compliant and balanced

RINGSPANN will be focusing on the design of disc couplings at Hannover Messe

RINGSPANN’s product offensive in the field of shaft couplings, which has been ongoing for two years, has led to the inclusion of numerous new coupling types in the supplier’s portfolio. Among designers and developers in industrial drive technology, the group of disc couplings is particularly currently enjoying an increase in demand. The company is taking this as an opportunity to define the correct selection and design of these non-switchable, torsionally stiff shaft couplings as a key issue at this year’s Hannover Messe.

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